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Zurvita’s Virtual Choir🎶 and How to Record your Virtual Choir Video🎤

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Greetings Zurvita Nation,

We want YOU to join us in a really amazing opportunity and sing as part of our Virtual Choir! We will be singing a song titled “The Blessing” and will make a video, similar to the recording below called “The Orlando Blessing.” EVERY CONSULTANT is invited to participate! We want adults (families included) from all over to engage with us on this virtual project. You have two weeks from when you receive these instructions to send in your video. The deadline to submit is June 26, 2020.


As we all live in this unprecedented time of pandemics, unrest, uncertainty and, for some, loss, what we all need is hope, and not just any hope, a Godly hope. Please read the lyrics, imagine a thousand voices singing this blessing over others. Do you want to make an impact on others? Want to change some lives just by singing a song? These words are powerful, they will change lives – be part of it and sing with all your heart. This is a blessing for all out there and for us too. Please join us and show that Zurvita is about changing lives.

Here is the link to listen to “The Orlando Blessing” on YouTube.

Here is the link to the accompaniment track “The Blessing” that you will use to make your video.

Here’s how it works. Listen to the song and learn it (for lyrics click here). You may sing the melody (main part) or a harmony part. Once you have learned it, follow the directions below to make a video of yourself singing. Don't worry about how you sound! We promise, no one will be singled out, embarrassed or too loud! We will be blending voices together to make a choir similar to the recording you saw (not quite as fancy 🙂). If you have any problems, we will work with you through this process to make it as fun and easy as possible!

Sing in Spanish OR English; we want and will use both in the video.

What you will need for this project:

• A laptop computer; Mac or PC.

• Earbuds or headphones with a microphone (used for phones).

• A well-lit room or space with more light in front of you then behind you.

• Wear a solid color on top. No hats or sunglasses please.

Choir guidelines for at-home virtual choir shoot:

1. Plug your earbuds or headphones into your laptop. Check and make sure you can hear the track playback in your ear, not over the speakers. We want the recording to be only your voice, not the track.

2. Check to make sure you can see your shoulders and a little room above your head and verify your device is at eye level, not below looking down or up too high.

3. Start your video recording FIRST, then start the playback of the track in your ears soon after starting the recording. Please clap when you hear the CLAP in the music track after the three beeps. This helps our video team line everything up when we put this all together.

4. Save the recording when you’re done and upload to this link by June 26, 2020.

5. Refer to the video tutorials above.

Set your recording device up with a shot that looks something like this:

Thank you for being a part of this exciting project!

If you have questions, feel free to reach out to We look forward to making beautiful music together – God is doing a new thing!

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