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Z-Center Training Continues

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

The updated Z-Center has a new, sleek look that has been easy on the eyes. Need a helping hand navigating though it 🤝? We’re here to help!


Looking to catch up on the latest tutorials in the meantime? Look no further than this guide on Zurvita News:


November 2020

Join us at 8 p.m. CT next Thursday, November 12, 2020, as Director of Business Intelligence and Training Brent Goodwin and Regional Sales Director (U.S. East and Puerto Rico) Denzel Bock will both host Z-Center Training Calls on Zoom in English and Spanish, respectively.

11.13 Update | Missed it? Click to stream.

Click on the links below to participate!

English – November 12 at 8:00 p.m. CT Spanish – November 12 at 8:00 p.m. CT


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