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Your online store just got a major upgrade

Empower yourself with Zurvita’s newly innovated Shopify E-Commerce Site. Get connected to simplify you and your customer’s Zurvita experience with our latest in modernization and enhancements. Brought to you on the robust Shopify platform, trusted by over 1,000,000 businesses worldwide, expect better functionality with an expedited guest checkout, quick buy options and an incredible end-user experience – plus more!

Start reviewing your favorite products on the site today! Be sure stay plugged into our social media channels … we may have surprises coming your way for partaking in all the fun but shhh, you didn’t hear it here. 🤫🤫


Please note the following for customer purchases:

  • You can create an account without making a purchase.

  • You cannot enroll with an email that is already in our system.

  • During the month of August, you’ll have to change your Smart Subscribe in the back office. Effective September 2020, you will be able to change that on the new website.

  • If you have a Smart Subscribe as a customer, you’re considered a Preferred Customer. If you cancel it or don’t have a Smart Subscribe, you’re automatically changed to a Retail Customer and will not see Preferred Customer pricing on the website.

  • Preferred Customers on a Smart Subscribe reap Preferred Customer savings and pricing for all extra orders.

  • Retail Customers will be able to log in to their accounts to make orders when they want and can view the savings they could get as Preferred Customers at-a-glance.

  • Anyone can create a “Guest” account at any time to make a quick purchase as they are not required to log in. Said shoppers will receive order information but cannot log in again and their orders don’t count for any Consultants.

  • Shoppers can create customer accounts directly on the site. Those will be reassigned to specifically qualified Consultants (Regional Consultants and above with three New Customers the prior month with a minimum purchase of $54.95). Click to learn more about this Corporate Customer Allocation Program.

P.S. A new Z-Blends e-commerce site is coming mid-August. PLUS! A brand new Z-Mobile app exclusively for Z-Blends will premiere in September.

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