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We’re Doing a bit of Summer Cleaning!

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

To better provide our Consultants the opportunity of optimal business performance, effective August 25 we are conducting a status clean up of any “Active” Consultant accounts who should, in fact, be considered “Inactive” due to a lack of an active Smart Subscribe order and/or a lack of any Personal Business Volume (PBV) above “0” in over three months. With this status clean up, these currently “Active” accounts will now go into an Inactive/Cancelled status.

💭 What counts as ‘PBV’? 💭

- Any backoffice Product Purchase

- Any Preferred Customer enrollments or renewals

- Currently enrolled in a Smart Subscribe

Customers and Consultants Roll Up

By performing this account activity status clean up, this is the first step we need to take in order to then allow our system to perform a Customer/Consultant Roll Up of the tree to the next active upline Consultant. Afterwards, those active upline Consultants would receive the benefits of having Customers and Consultants roll up their tree to be closer to their frontline. This will affect and, in most cases, increase residual payouts and Team Bonus Payouts once this clean-up is complete.

This step is a part of many of our continuous efforts to assist in making your business better. For questions regarding this new update, please contact our Customer Service team at

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