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Run first, gobble later

November is a month where we reflect on things we’re thankful for, which we cap off with the celebration of Thanksgiving, accompanied by quite a feast. But before we get to the 🦃 gobble gobble 🦃 part, let’s reflect on being thankful for what we have and how we can help uplift a family in need.

From November 16-23, Zurvita Giving is hosting a Virtual 5K: Turkey Trot 2020, with proceeds going to the organization’s 2020 goals including building a home in partnership with Habitat for Humanity.

Run at your own time and pace. Have some fun. Earn a chance to win a prize. Most importantly, it’s all for a good cause, and we’d love for you to join us!

How can you participate?

✍ Sign up by clicking this link.

🏃🏃‍♀️ Bring in a friend or family member.

🖥 Download your unique bib and participate in the run from November 16-23, 2020.

📸 Snap a picture or record a video and share them on social media with #ZurvitaGiving5K or send them to

🎁 Earn a chance at winning some sweet, sweet prizes!

Zurvita 5K Training Plan

This run is brought to you by Zurvita Performance, click here to learn how to utilize this powerful collection to help improve your endurance and speed leading up to the big event.

Click here for your Zurvita 5K Training Plan.

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