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Our Special Veterans Day Thank You

Shipping is on us (and then some) with this special!

This month, we honor all of those who have served. The sacrifices you have made, and the courage and dedication you have shown day in and day out, is something to be admired for, and we thank you. As we salute those that have fought for our freedom, we want to take this opportunity to offer something from the bottom of our hearts to not only our veterans – but your families and customers too!

Share with your customers the benefit of this energizing duo.

Let them know that H2O is for all ages.

This refreshing combo of Zeal+ and H2O gives your day an increased boost of sustainable energy, taking it to new heights. Not only can it benefit you, but also potential customers too.

Zeal may be Zurvita’s flagship product, but use this special as a chance to show off two other incredible products also featured in Zurvita’s line. Fans of Zeal can get all the vitamins and minerals Zeal has with an extra splash of clean energy in Zeal+’s flavorful choices of Citrus Surge and Rumba Rush.

Along with that, Zurvita Performance’s H2O provides you a delicious option to keep you hydrated faster and more effectively. Most importantly, it’s safe for children, too!

This special is a prime opportunity to share with customers other potential Zurvita products that can optimize health and maximize results.

How can you share these products?


The easiest way to share any incentive is to simply re-share one of Zurvita’s posts. When you do, write a unique caption to entice them and paste your Z-Site URL into the post so they can instantly shop on YOUR page!

Another way is to share the promotion from Z-Mobile! It automatically carries YOUR URL to text messages, social posts and it tracks whether or not they have engaged with you.

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