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Getting Started with Zurvita

New Consultant | How to get Customers

Congratulations! You’re officially a brand ambassador and influencer of Zurvita, but more importantly, a business owner! As you learn where to begin, remember who you’re doing this for – YOU! 


Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered. Follow these tips to help you attract, close and retain customers while using Zurvita’s products to help you maintain a healthy and happy customer base and build a successful business.  

PRO Tip: Want to do this on-the-go? Click here to download the Z-Mobile App. Treat it as your personal assistant to running your business. It helps you remember who to follow up on and what to send next. It also has an informative New Consultant Onboarding process to walk you through the basics of Zurvita.  




Where do you go? Who do you know?  

  • Family 

  • Work 

  • Social Media Connections  

  • Social and Community Groups 

  • Friends and Neighbors 


LEVEL OF INTEREST RATING: Who’s hot? Who’s Cold? 

Find out who can become your next customer. List your five closest friends. Then, rate their interest based on the Hot, Warm, Parked.  

  • Hot = Definitely interested in the opportunity or product 

  • Warm = Possibly interested in the opportunity or product  

  • Parked = Unsure about their interest but want to reach out 


Z-Mobile Tip: As you add contacts, filter them into Hot, Warm and Parked so you always know. You can also write notes only you can see about who they are and why you think they’d be good for your business.  



Step 1:  

The key to getting and retaining customers is to find a way to add value to their life. You have a product that can add value to their health, but you also have YOU. Building relationships is key to retaining customers. It gains trust.  

Find something relevant to the customer’s personality that’s not about Zurvita and send it to them letting them know you were thinking about them. Ask small, well-being questions that could lead to opportunites to talk about the product.  


Step 2:  

Once you find something relevant to Segway into your new business, have them watch one of the interest check videos. Once they have done that, call or continue the text and explain what you love about this opportunity that applies to their interests and ask them if they would be interested in trying the product.  


Step 3:  

Once the prospect has agreed to try the product you can send them directly to your Z-Site to order and mail to their location or send out a sample from your supply to them. Remember to answer any questions they may have.  


Z-Mobile Tip: The app has it all laid out for you in order for easy duplication. Send an ice breaker text, share the interest video, what to do if they did or did not respond, send your direct Z-Site link, plus more.  



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