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Personal Marketing Toolkit

Your guide to creating a brand for yourself and marketing your business online. 

Welcome to your Zurvita Personal Marketing Toolkit! 


Thank you for being a part of Zurvita. You are on an exciting path in your business journey and we want to give you the best chances of success in running your e-commerce business. 


We all know that marketing means everything to getting the word out about what we love to do most and what we’d like to offer to others. Follow this guide to start building your personal brand and learn how to market your products online like a pro!


How to use this Toolkit 

Complete this personal marking toolkit training by going through each step below. Each step was created to help you define, build and navigate your personal brand in order to grow your business through social media and online platforms. Use these tips, best practices and more to develop the skills and qualities you need to effectively gain an audience you love and an edge above your competition. 

Inside you’ll find: 

  • The Law of Attraction Prospects Edition! 

  • Platform Picker Tool 

  • Personal Campaign Creator 

  • In-Brand Compliance Guide 

  • Zurvita Branded Graphic Templates 


Get ready to improve your visibility, stand out in the marketplace and define your very own brand identity with Zurvita!

Table of Contents


The Law of Attraction Prospects Edition!


The Law of Attraction is simple, you receive what you give. The energy, time and optimism you put into your prospects will show up in the success of your business. People want more than a product to buy, and they want more than a mass text. People want to invest in people. It’s as simple as that.

Product doesn’t always equal a drive to purchase. Even healthy people are looking for value. So, what is your greatest value? Culture and Time.

Culture = Creating a community of real connections and friendships. Finding one thing in common with your audience can spark a life-long relationship.


Time = That extra step you take to reach out to someone personally, scheduling that one-on-one virtual meet-up, taking part in a training like this to make your personal brand better.

How to get started attracting prospects?


Step 1. Be yourself!

Authenticity is key today. People want to be a part of something real. 


Step 2. Don’t be afraid to share!

You’re you, and that is unique. Sure, there’s always competition but there’s no one quite like you that offers who you already are. People want to hear your story. 


Step 3. Believe! 

You have incredible, proven products. You have a community of people to help you, too. All you must do is put yourself out there and believe. Whatever dream or goal is in our inner thoughts, can ultimately be materialized into reality. You just have to have faith and take the first step!


Here’s some things to remember:

  1. Most people are looking to simplify their life. Think about how you can help them achieve this through better health or business.

  2. Being honest and consistent in your personal brand sends a clear and powerful message to your prospects. Form an online presence that speaks to who you truly are.

  3. Set goals and mark benchmarks off as you accomplish them along the way. This will keep you on task and driven.

  4. Follow-up with those who engage in your content. Get their information and share a video from Z-Mobile with them. 

  5. Promote and reshare your teammates content.

  6. Post frequently!


Compliance Tips!

With respect to weight loss, any before and after photos or testimonials about Zurvita products and weight lost must include language explaining that the Zurvita product was one component of the change, coupled with healthy diet, exercise and healthy living. Before and after photos must be accompanied by a disclaimer noting that Zurvita products were used in conjunction with a healthy diet, exercise and other lifestyle changes.


Please Note: All product, weight loss and income claims require a disclaimer, see below:


Product disclaimer: “This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.”


Weight loss disclaimer: “Zurvita products are used in conjunction with a healthy diet, exercise, and other lifestyle changes. Testimonials and examples used are not typical. They do not intend to represent or guarantee anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Individual results will vary based on factors such as level of commitment and effort at the end.”


Income disclaimer: “Income testimonials and examples are not typical and do not include expenses. They do not intend to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Individual results will vary based on factors such as level of commitment and effort.”

Learn more in your Zurvita Independent Consultant Marketing Guide.

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Platform Picker Tool


Post your content where your audience will see it. Stick to what you know at first, then branch out. We suggest one, or all, of these for your business. Read to see the benefits of each and take your pick!

Facebook – Connect with friends, family and people from all over the world through one of the most popular social media platforms. Available through desktop or app, instantly share thoughts, photos and videos, send messages and get updates about prospects, customers and Consultants you like and follow. This platform is great for forming an open dialogue with your community through public or private group pages, commenting sections, shares, reposts and more.

Twitter – From breaking news and entertainment to sports and movements, you can start your own story or get the full scoop of what’s happening in the world – in real-time with live commentary. Tweets, threads, retweets and subtweets give you the outlet to spark a local or global conversation. Available through desktop or app, short videos, links and limited photos can be shared here too!

Instagram – A simple, fun and creative way to tell your story by capturing, editing and sharing photos, videos and messages that inspire action. Instagram aka “IG” has taken over the personal marketing niche with over 1 billion+ active accounts worldwide. Available through desktop or app, tap into people’s passions to create deeper relationships with your business online (and offline) while connecting with friends and family.

Pinterest – Discover recipes, lifestyles, fitness inspiration and more – all driven by visuals. Pin your products, follow your interests and repin ideas through images and videos to grow your audience and business. Features like reactions and comments give Pinners and prospects a way to connect with you. Available through desktop or app, target your audience and showcase your personal brand front and center.

When should you post? It’s all about frequency.


Informative versus spammy. It’s important to consider each platform and the most optimal time to post and how often you should. You want to take advantage of all opportunities, but you also don’t want to be unfollowed or blocked. Going overkill with mass texts, emails, messaging, mentions, tags, and even hashtags can make you appear unauthentic and disconnected.

According to some of the most popular data-driven network companies, here’s how often a successful business should be posting according to specific social networks:

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Personal Campaign Creator


Now that you’ve chosen the right platform for your audience, you must create content outside of your everyday life that helps push your personal brand further. 


One way to do this is by sitting down once a month to create a social calendar. This allows you to create custom campaigns that are personalized by you! Plus, this makes sure that you’re on your prospect’s feeds daily. You never know which content will speak to them, so relatability and relevancy matter.


Here’s some things to remember:

  1. Do stay current with pop culture.

  2. Avoid only talking about product or money.

  3. Channel your inner Erin King. (Remember her awesome speech during Rise Up! Virtual?)


*Bonus* Use a free scheduling software app to schedule out your posts, that way you don’t have to take out the time to go to each social media platform to post. You insert the content; they upload the post!


Insider Notes: Don’t be so obvious all the time. Product heavy social media will lead your followers to understand you're only after one thing – selling to them. Take it easy on them and be yourself. Take selfies with product in the background, or not at all. Mix it up!

Compliance Tips!

The FTC is carefully watching testimonials looking for blatant or understated suggestions that becoming a Consultant means you will live the lifestyle of the rich and famous. Be VERY careful to avoid having Zurvita Consultants in videos or photos sitting by their pools, standing by their sports cars, photographed on yachts, and reporting from exotic locations. Remember, the key is to make representations that are typical for the average Zurvita Consultant.

Learn more in your Zurvita Independent Consultant Marketing Guide.

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In-Brand Compliance Guide


We understand the importance of building your personal brand and getting your name out there. Our goal is to support our field in correctly and successfully marketing the Zurvita products and opportunity. It is very important that you do not use Zurvita’s registered trademarks to identify yourself, except as set forth below. Regulators, such as the FTC, monitor product and income claims online. Here are some simple guidelines on sharing our products on web pages, blogs, websites, and social media sites in a way that is compliant with FTC guidelines as well as the Zurvita Policies and Procedures.

Social media and websites including, but not limited to: 

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Twitter

  • LinkedIn

  • Youtube

  • Your Z-Site

  • Personal websites

  • Blogs

  • Online forums/chats

  • Online ads

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For more compliant guidelines, read the full Zurvita Independent Consultant Guide Marketing, here

Zurvita Branded Graphic Templates


You’ve got all the information, now here’s some neat tools to get you started. Find below Zurvita branded graphic templates to use on the social media platform of your choice, through Canva!

Canva is an incredibly easy drag-and-drop software that allows you to design graphics, gifs, collages and more to print and socially share!

Use these templates as starters to brand YOU as your business. You can post these branded templates to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest pages, stories, pins, stickers and/or quick links like Linktree to share them instantly.

Business Shareables

Product Shareables


Recipe Shareables


Before and After Shareables


Promotions Shareables


Recognition Shareables


Virtual Zoom Backgrounds

Start Stronger Template

Z-Blends Virtual Zoom Backgrounds

"Zeal Supports" Shareable

Can we biohack our immune system? Shareables

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