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Zurvita Rise Up! Virtual Recap

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

For the first time in Zurvita’s history, we held a successful virtual National Convention! Special thanks to our leaders and guest speakers for sharing their inspiring stories and leading important conversations as we better prepare our businesses to meet the complex demands of today’s dynamically-changing world. Missed it? Check out our major announcements for you to reference and share below!


We’ve got major news...

Hello Hibiscus! – coming this Fall!

Say hello to our new seasonal flavor of Zeal in the sweet and tropical taste of Hibiscus. Get ready for the taste of summer, anytime! Available this fall.

New! Technology Enhancements

Coming August 1!

We’ve bundled up all of your suggestions and comments to bring you an all-new e-commerce site, Z-Center and Z-Mobile experience! These new upgrades will bring our customers and Consultants enhanced user-friendly shopping, a seamless backoffice and a new step-by-step guided onboarding process – all for a convenient experience. Look out for the big reveal in August!

New! Starter Paks

Coming August 1!

Our Rise Up! Virtual attendees exclusively shopped this offer first, now we’re releasing it to you! Starting August 1, 2020, at 11:59 p.m. CT, shop the best of the best of our products from our four brand-new offerings. Consolidated from our original eight Starter Paks, before GBV was $ for $ (which meant if a Starter Pak costs $499.95, you’d receive 500 BV to help you and your upline advance in rank). Now, we’ve not only increased each new Starter Pak with additional GBV and perks, but our top two most valued Paks now offer FREE SHIPPING!

We’ve packaged each new Starter Pak strategically to make it easier to promote up in rank and to re-qualify. The more you spend, the more you earn!

G3 Simplification

Effective now!

Before you needed to have a Wellness Pak in order to qualify for a G3 Discount. Now, with any personal Smart Subscribe order that’s over a $69.95 subtotal, you qualify for a $60 discount. What makes this even better, if your Smart Subscribe order is over a $99.95 subtotal you qualify for a $75 discount! See page 6 of the Compensation Plan for full details.

Please note: The G3 Discount for 3 personally sponsored Preferred Customers whose purchase is at least $44.95, $69.95+ ($60 discount) and $99.95+ ($75 discount) each month will remain the same. However, effective September 1, our G4 program will be discontinued and the G3 program will now be assigned to qualifying orders.

See below “Removal of G4” for details.

Removal of G4

Effective September 1!

Beginning September 1, 2020, all who are on our G4 program will automatically be switched over to our G3 program. This means that if you have earned a G4 discount in August, it will apply to your September Smart Subscribe order, but this will be the last time you will receive the G4 discount.

Senior Rank Bonus (Made Permanent!)

Effective now!

We know how much of a success the PSB and Senior Consultant Rank Bonus have been to all of you … so we’re making them permanent! Senior Consultants can receive up to $1,500 for a 12-month period in consistency bonuses for hitting and maintaining that rank. Starting ... now!

Dynamic Compression on Customer Count

Effective September 1!

“Dynamic Compression” in terms of your Residual Tree will change from an active/inactive distinction to a customer count minimum of three customers in any given month. This will allow Consultants who are truly engaged the ability to not be restricted in terms of Residual Income by others who aren’t maximizing the business to the best of their abilities. This is great news as the majority of Consultants that are working hard to build better businesses will see an increase in Residual Income!

PBV Requirement Change to Customer Count Requirement

Effective September 1!

Before you needed to have 70 PBV from Business Consultant through Regional Consultant and 200 PBV from Executive Consultant through Crown Ambassador. Now, rather than needing PBV in order to get paid out your Residual Income at your qualified rank, you’ll now need to have a customer count of either 3, 5, 7, 10. This will not just increase the residuals of everyone in general, but it will also encourage a more solid foundation on which your business is built, as well as reward those who are actively working!

Customer Verification

Effective September 1!

Customers will now be verified via a unique phone number. This allows us to ensure legitimate business transactions as well as reduce fraudulent activity.

Team Bonus Update

Effective September 1!

Before you could earn Team Bonus Volume (TBV) and it would count for your Team Bonuses forever. Now, both TBV and Team Spillover Volume will carry a 60-day expiration date. The new Z-Center, effective September 1st, will display the 60-day expiration date on TBV and Team Spillover Volume.

When would this happen?

Both existing volume and new volume will have a 60-day expiration clock starting on September 1, 2020, at 11:59 p.m. CT.

What else does this affect?

As of September 1, all newly enrolled Starter Paks will carry a 60-day expiration date on their TBV as well. Existing TBV prior to September 1, will also carry a 60-day expiration date with September 1, counting as day one.

Don’t wait to use your bonus volumes, utilize them now before they expire!


New! Video Tools

Share the Product. Share the Opportunity.

As you learned at Zurvita Virtual, it’s important to gauge a prospect's appetite for what you have to offer. That’s why we created two new interest check videos. Modernized and diversified to reflect our target markets and ever-growing consumer base, we’ve created opportunity and product focused videos to remind everyone that they can do this and become healthier and happier with Zurvita!

Click the links below to view and share now!


Thank you to everyone who joined us LIVE for Rise Up! Virtual, you can press replay and watch it anytime in your portal.

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