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Global business strategist, Gordon Hester, has joined as Chief Innovation Officer

Hester comes to Zurvita with over 30 years in the direct selling industry. According to Zurvita’s press release, Hester has experience in leading over $10 billion in sales and 100,000 active reps, executing business in over 30 countries and earning commissions in excess of $100 mil

lion will be key to push Zurvita into the future of direct selling.

“We are very excited about the addition of Gordon Hester to the Zurvita Management Team,” said Zurvita CEO, Jay Shafer. “His heart and passion for the direct selling industry and his desire to help people and companies become better is a perfect fit for Zurvita. His proven track record and desire to be a change agent in this space will benefit Zurvita Consultants and Customers for years to come.”

Hester also commented that he knew Zurvita was the right step in his new direction of change. “I knew in order to execute change, I would need to find the right company to help evolve from a proven company to a next generation company that would be the envy of the industry,” Hester said. “I was not looking for a company that was broken but instead a company that had strong culture and leadership. I needed to find a company that was willing to change and was aligned with the right business philosophy to build a next generation business.”

As Chief Innovation Officer, Hester plans to modernize the company to improve retention and increase acquisition by focusing on relationship building and engagement. Technology will play a big role in the modernization plans for  Zurvita with the unveil of a new e-commerce website, back office experience and lead generation programs that will enhance Customer overall experience and simplify shopping.

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