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Your Zurvita Business Continuity Plan

What is a business continuity plan? It is a plan that guides a business on how it will continue to function and generate income during or after an emergency, disaster or pandemic. Use this plan to strategize how your key services with Zurvita products can be continued, revamped and recovered!

Find Time and Space

It’s important to block out time and space where you can truly focus on your business. Try starting with these next steps to kick-off your Zurvita Business Continuity Plan.

Step 1 View your personal calendar: Grab a notepad and go through your personal day-to-day tasks and write them down. This includes homeschool lessons, bath and playtime for kids, doctor’s appointments, work calls, and workouts. Now, mark the time/day you want each one completed.

Quick Tip: Start with events on your Zurvita Virtual Calendar! Plus, be on the lookout for our Friends of Zurvita Zooms!

Step 2 Dedicate a workspace: Let’s be honest, our homes are our safe spaces and where we find comfort. However, if you’re not used to working from home, you can find it loud, cluttered and distracting. Pick an area, make it yours, and get in the mindset.

Break Time: Pick a flavor of Zeal and drink to bring you more focus, energy and health!

Use Your Why

Now that you’re in your workspace, where should you begin? First, keep calm and go back to the basics. Visualize your plan by remembering your why and your goals.

Step 3 Make a list of gratitude: Grab a notepad and number it one through ten. Make a list of the things you are thankful for and appreciate such as your family, business, dreams, and goals. Include the little things too! Can you turn each one into a connection between your business and with others?

Step 4 Make a list of intention: Now, number again one through ten. Make a list of your intentions for yourself and your business. How can you turn each one of these into a connection with others or potential customers?

Quick Tip: Once you have both lists, convert them into leads! Make sure to keep all lines of communication open to connect with people. Reach out via a quick phone call, text, social media post and/or email.

Plan and Strategize

When it comes down to unfortunate events, planning a strong strategy is key. Take these next steps to get you ahead of the curve.

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