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Working Live Quick Guide

Your entrepreneurial spirit is inspiring! So much so that we were inspired to up our game with the tools that we provide to help you succeed from home. That’s what led us to choose Working Live as our partner for video conferencing.

Working Live partners with direct selling companies as well as Zoom to provide Zoom subscriptions at a much better price plus a TON of new features!

If you have already signed up for Working Live in your Z-Center, then you know how many cool features it has to offer! You can partake in 3-way calls with real-time voice messaging, broadcast events to Facebook Live, create interactive shopping experiences, coach and empower your team, connect, follow-up and more.

There are multiple business savvy tools that this platform has to offer, so we created a special cheat sheet just for you! See below for a list of special features and how to use them so you can get the most out of your Working Live subscription!

  1. Transfer of information: If you already had a Zoom account but made the switch to Working Live then sit back and relax because as long as you signed up with the same email, all of your important data including meeting ID, settings, recordings and more will transfer with you to the new platform.

  2. Meetings that are almost better than in-person (yes, we’re serious): You can host as many meetings as you want and receive up to 10 free meeting insights. What are meeting insights, you ask? Working Live is designed to measure the interactions between all parties on your call and provide feedback to the host. You can use this feature to help build longer-lasting relationships in your business! Here’s how it works:

    1. The Working Live team suggests using your meeting insights with groups of four to six people. This way a fair amount of information can be gathered on each speaker.

    2. The system bases its information off of the *transcript from the call. It will consider when different speakers talk more or less and provide insights into the type of conversation each speaker reacts to best. This way you can know how to build a longer lasting, healthier relationship with each individual. Did we hear someone say prospecting calls?

    3. Privacy is of the utmost importance. The sight is HIPPA compliant for medical-related users, so you can rest assured that none of your information is being shared.

  3. Bigger meetings and better opportunities: We’re talking webinars for up to 500 people (Webinar 500) and standard Zoom calls for up to 500 people as well (Enterprise 500). But as big as these meetings can get, they can also be as small as you would like in special breakout rooms!

  4. Closed Captioning: As always, we strive to provide the best tools for everyone and that’s why we are thrilled that our partner provides closed-captioning on their calls so that anyone can participate.

  5. Take your Live Zooms to Facebook: It’s easy on our partner platform to push your live Zooms to Facebook Live so your following can keep up with the action!

We hope you love Working Live just as much as we do. But if you run into some problems, Working Live offers their own customer support that you can reach at or (409) 405-5001. PLEASE NOTE: This is not a call center, and you may be asked to leave a voicemail. If so, a Working Live team member will call back within 24 hours to facilitate your request. Customer support for Working Live accounts will not be offered through Zurvita.

*Meeting insights are not available in Spanish.

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