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Women Rising 2020

“No matter what you can start over again and again. It doesn’t matter how far down you’ve been, getting back up is the only right answer. Take a leap, go for it and do what only you can do.” - Jen Fesler

The results are in – Zurvita’s inaugural Women Rising was a rousing success! ✅

We want to thank everyone that came together with us to make Zurvita’s first-ever Women Rising event a monumental success – from attendees to our incredible line-up of speakers – this was possible because of YOU!

Under the umbrella of community, we came together and told stories, inspired one another and awakened our passion for Zurvita and the lasting impact it’s had on us. Tears were shared, and most importantly, love was felt.

On top of that, Zurvita Giving raised $578.02 from Women Rising apparel and swag!

It was the first Women Rising event… and it definitely won’t be the last! See you next year for Women Rising 2021!

Did you miss it?

The opportunity to rise will always be available! Get empowered by clicking the links below for a replay:

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Nourhan Wael
Nourhan Wael
21 oct 2020

Powerful 💜

Me gusta
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