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New Checkout Process Seeks to Help Your Customers Buy More Easily

You… You’ve got great taste – of course you do, you started a business that helps others achieve health and happiness with a one-of-a-kind product line that’s backed by science. Your online store is one of the most important pieces of your business, it’s why we continue to prioritize enhancements in your existing and future customer’s journey.

Simple and Faster Checkout

Many customers prefer quick shopping and refrain from excessive browsing. We reduced the number of steps it takes to process orders whilst eliminating the wait and optimize their overall shopping experience.

Smart Subscribe Savings

This new design will not only make it easier for shoppers to take the next step but it will also help to keep them informed by offering Smart Subscribe savings and promoting the exact amount they need to unlock Free Shipping.

A User-Friendly Experience

Wave goodbye to those confusing circles that spin with no context … and cue in interactive gifs… Plus! We now have an Address Search Functionality. This works similarly to Google or iPhone Maps where you can input a partial address and be given full options that match your search. This then allows you to easily click on the one you want for the system to populate the fields for you. Address in just like that! Time is money and we understand that it goes a long way when starting and growing a business.

To learn more and stay up-to-date on the latest enhancements, plug into “Tech Talks” hosted on the Consultants of Excellence Facebook Group by Director of IT Training and Communications, Brent Goodwin. To rewatch the demo of the new checkout and overview, you can also watch here.

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