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March Happenings

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Everything you have focused on with a caring heart starts to spring as the

world awakes.


Happenings At-A-Glance

🎉Sample Toolkit! There is no better way to start the month than bringing up your A-game with "The GoodieZ" and showing what you got. Choose up to two sample toolkits offer available until March 10th.

🏷️50% off Z-Blends Snaps! Sometimes a goodbye becomes a "good buy". That's the case of Z-Blends Snaps.* Enjoy 50% OFF during the Goodbye Clearance Sale, with unlimited buy quantities. Make them yours for a quick pick me up or cool me down when you need it the most. Hurry up! They will go fast!

*Z Blends, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Zurvita Holdings, Inc.

📈Launch Bonus Reset! NOW until March 31, 2022 --- everyone has the opportunity to earn an additional $150 Launch Bonus and have it count towards their 2022 Incentive Trip qualifications.


You asked we delivered. Now you can increase your savings. Get your commissions deposits directly to your Savings Account! Cha-ching!

➡️Go to the Z Center here

➡️Browse "How to get paid"

➡️Select "Savings account"

🏖️Incentive Trip! We are two months away from walking in paradise. Are you? Don't miss this spectacular getaway to beautiful Sand Key, FL, or Riviera Maya, Mexico! If sunsets, dolphins, and exquisite cuisine, weren't enough incentives, we are giving away a Launch Bonus Reset! By doing the activities you're already doing to grow your business, earn $150 to enjoy more during your travel. Click here for rules.

For more information on Mexico trip, click here.

🍽️Zeal for Meals! We wouldn't be Zurvita if we didn't put the WE on wellness. Inspired by our community and the challenging times, we continue fighting hunger, malnutrition, and famish locally and globally. For every Zeal canister we sell, we will provide 3 meals, and for 1 Zeal+ box = 1 meal.

Check out our live events!

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