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Better late than never

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

We want to see you at Rise Up! Virtual, July 17-18, 2020, when we come together with our Founders and special guests to discuss making your business a success and pushing your momentum forward. Learn about new products, technology advancements and receive exclusive perks – all from the comfort of your home! To express just how special our Zurvita family is to us, we've set up pre-event deals. Available to all Rise Up! Virtual registered attendees and get this ... we have offers for your customers and prospects too! 

Zeal+ special available only in U.S. and Puerto Rico. Zeal+ Pricing:

Not registered yet? Purchase your tickets now to instantly receive these incredible perks!

Now Available:

Look Who’s Going Virtual From Your Downline

Want to know who in your downline still doesn’t have a ticket to Rise Up! Virtual? You can now view their status in your Z-Center! Reach out, connect and let them know this will be a can’t miss event – full of inspiration, engagement and exclusive perks. As a team, you all have to be there to experience it, together!

To view, log into your Z-Center and click on MY BUSINESS and then MY ORGANIZATION.

Next, click on PROFILE FILTERS – checkmark the ACTIVE box and for CONVENTION 2020 choose YES to find people with tickets or NO to find people who do not yet have tickets. Then, click SEARCH to find the selected people. Each person’s snapshot shows the NC (National Convention) badge.

If the badge is gray, that person does not yet have a ticket. Those with tickets show the badge as gold.

Looking to manage your RISE UP Virtual ticket or update your information? Use this link to ensure your address is correct, assign additional tickets and more. Click here for frequently asked questions.

We can’t wait to see you and your team there. Engage with us on all of our social media platforms during the live event and post with #ZurvitaVirtual for a chance to be featured.

See what to expect, here!

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