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7/22 - Discover your new Zurvita tools to better your business

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

----------- All-Field Zoom Call -----------

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Wednesday, July 22

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Join us this week to learn all about your new business tools announced at Rise Up! Virtual! As Consultants, we want you to accelerate your business to match the momentum of your market’s ever-changing demand. Tune-in to discover how to use the latest tools we’ve created to inform, encourage and inspire all that you do!


7:00 p.m. CT

Special Guest: Ambassador Alonso Popoca

Click the link below to join:


8:00 p.m. CT

Special Guest: 2 Star Ambassador Tracy Davis

Click the link below to join:

New! Video Tools Share the Product. Share the Opportunity. As you learned at Zurvita Virtual, it’s important to gauge a prospect's appetite for what you have to offer. That’s why we created two new interest check videos. Modernized and diversified to reflect our target markets and ever-growing consumer base, we’ve created opportunity and product focused videos to remind everyone that they can do this and become healthier and happier with Zurvita! Click the links below to view and share now!👇 🎥 Zeal Interest Check 🎥 Opportunity Interest Check

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